.12 Unlimited Potential
Inspiration Room PodcastMarch 13, 2023x
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.12 Unlimited Potential

After injuring his ankle from playing his much loved sport of basketball, 16-year old Rocky's empathy did not only extend to others with acute musculoskeletal injuries but to those with more chronic and/or hereditary conditions, affecting physical health, resulting in their inability to participate in sport at all. Quite simply, an unacceptable reality which needed immediate attention. From there, Rocky's journey to create 'Unlimited Potential' (UP) began.

Since 2021, Rocky has been working hard to raise funds to support cutting edge scientific research in sports science labs and medical centres. His hopes, dreams and passion lie in creating a world in which sporting inequalities due to physical impairments, are eradicated for good. Listen in to be truly inspired by a gifted, talented, motivated and motivating individual.

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