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March 25, 2024

.26 Twists of Fate

A teacher, an author, an aspiring healthcare professional, a wife, a mother, a friend. Rachel also found real love in a hopeless place. Rachel Parsons seems to have it all…but, behind every successful...

January 29, 2024

.25 SAMI

In our first episode of 2024, be ready to be inspired as we interview Soren Ghorai, the founder of the SAMI - South Asian Marrow Initiative. SAMI not only helps South Asians register for the bone marr...

October 30, 2023

.24 The Awakening of Magdalena

She's an artist, a performer, a mentor, a Priestess, she's an explosion of creativity, she is an expression of female energy, she is, Gabriella Mazure. Her journey got more interesting when synchronic...

September 25, 2023

.23 Mormon to Maui

When a natural disaster strikes, you remember that actually, we’re all just a speck in the ocean, we’re here to serve and to obey Mother Nature.Is it religious faith that gets you through or is it luc...