About Our Podcast

Inspiration Room is a podcast that provides a platform for ordinary people to empower, excite and inspire others with stories about relationships, values, lifestyles, achievements, and many other topics. We are looking to create that lightbulb moment of inspiration that excites your mind when you hear something new, different and inspiring.

Let's do it differently.


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I'm fascinated by connections, relationships and human interactions, as well as what drives our behavior. I've lived and traveled around the world, founded a company and live for experiences. I am always evolving, focused on living my best life as an explorer, communicator and connector to the world.



Nothing makes me happier than connecting with people, whether it was in my former career as a physiotherapist, my current job as a management consultant in digital health or through several voluntary projects I’ve been involved in along the way. I see every day as an opportunity for learning and growing into a better version of myself. Understanding who I really am is a lifelong adventure as it is shaped by the experiences we have, the challenges we face and the people we meet.