.19 Responding to Instinct
Inspiration Room PodcastJune 05, 2023x
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.19 Responding to Instinct

Svetlana Tulasi is a professional dancer, trained in 'Kathak' a form of Indian Dance. Born and brought up in Moscow, Russia, Indian dance opportunities were limited, but after Svetlana's Kathak collaborations went viral, following her Bollywood performance on Ukraine's got talent, on which she was a contender, as well as her appearance on Russia's got Talent, Svetlana took the enviable and tough decision to say goodbye to her corporate life to pursue her passion in dance, as her new career. 

Her performances are flawless, full of expression, emotion and grace but getting to that stage has been a journey. Join us as we touch on multiple topics, including, the love of dance and the vision to bring Indian dance to the mainstream, moving continents, dealing with haters, to the very current and devastating effects of the Russia-Ukraine war, to persistence and resilience. Be ready to feel inspired by the very talented, strong-minded, courageous and creative Svetlana who is out there to make change happen!

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